5 Days until Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire

Oops- there was a miscounting of how many days until the big day. It is now 5 days before the event!

Today’s Featured Maker:
Lauren Capehart
Wool Spinning and Dyeing with Chinchillas 1957

Lauren will show you:

  • How to spin yarn from wool, grocery sacks, t-shirts, etc with a spindle
  • How to make spindles from everyday objects at home
  • Finished objects from hand spun yarn on display
  • How to knit and crochet
  • Demonstrations of how to dye wool with water, Kool-Aid and vinegar in a microwave, simple explanation of “acid dyeing” and how dye becomes colorfast

Hand-blended fibers for spinning, handmade spindles and dye-at-home kits will be available for sale.

See all of the participating makers.

Wool Spinning and Dyeing with Chinchillas1957

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