2012 Meet the Makers: 3D Printing

3D Printing

Get a sneak preview of Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire by category each day until the big day, Sept. 22nd! Today’s featured category is 3D Printing.

If you’ve been hearing about 3D printers and itching to see one yourself, don’t miss this year’s Faire! The 3D Printing Area features two makers who demonstrate just how amazing the printers are for a variety of creative and inventive purposes – like mechanized animated 3D printed robotic hands! They’ll be running several printers throughout the day. In addition, outside in the Hackers Area, you’ll find the Central Ohio RepRap and MakerBot Operators User Group and can have your own body 3D scanned by HackPittsburgh. See it in all dimensions LIVE at the Faire.

Be amazed by mechanized animated 3D printed robotic hands.

RepRap 3D Printing
See a self replicating rapid prototyper display/build.

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