2012 Meet the Makers: Hackers


Get a sneak preview of Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire by category each day until the big day, Sept. 22nd! Today’s featured category is Hackers. In maker culture, “hackers” are people who seize the reigns of an existing technology and repurpose it to their own ends. They are tech-savvy, inventive, resourceful and often have great senses of humor! Here in Pittsburgh, hackers are a the unsung geniuses of maker culture – until Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire.

Come to the Faire to experience over 1,000 sq. ft. of hacker projects by HackPittsburgh, co-presenter of the Faire. (All of their projects are noted by an asterisk below). Meet their hacker friends from Columbus, Ohio, the Central Ohio RepRap and MakerBot Operators User Group, who will demonstrate 3D printing all day. Learn more about HackPittsburgh and how to get involved in their club throughout the year at www.hackpittsburgh.org.

Don’t miss the Faire races, where HackPittsburgh’s fastest projects will burn rubber to the finish line! Races will be held at 11:00, 12:45 and 3:00 pm, weather permitting.

Bottle Nose & Thinking Cap*
Bottle Nose converrts range finder data to electromagnetic pulses; Thinking Cap electrostimulates the prefrontal cortex to induce a flow state

Button Making with HackPittsburgh*
Make 1″ buttons using artwork samples or create your own button to wear!

Central Ohio RepRap and MakerBot Operators User Group
See demonstrations of 3D Printing by visiting makers from Ohio.

E-bike Dashboard*
System to display battery condition and other data.

Electric Ï€ 3.14159…*
An electric bicycle setup with a high power electric hub. See event listing for race times.

Find the Buzz*
A mesh network that takes decibel readings throughout the Faire, to see who’s projects are generating the most buzz!

Get 3D Scanned*
Have you ever wanted a 3D model of yourself? Stop by our booth to get scanned by the world’s first consumer 3D depth camera – the Xbox Kinect.

Jane “Cyber” Doe*
Explore the Uncanny Valley through multimedia art of the HackPittsburgh centaur Jane “Cyber” Doe.

LED Pong board*
A 7×10 grid of RGB LEDs for prototyping programs for controlling the LEDs in our shop window.

A somewhat large semi-autonomous robot for utility. See event listing for race times.

Matt’s Maniacal Menagerie of Marvelous Machines*
Matt makes things, communities, machines, events, and gadgets!

Morse Code Wearable Alarm Clock*
A small bandolier with an arduino, switch, buzzer and LED for setting and announcing timers.

Musical Images*
Images are scanned pixel by pixel and the resulting colors are used to generate musical notes.

Paint Chip Pixelization*
Famous paintings are reduced to 10 colors and composed entirely of 1.25″ paint chip squares.

Eli Richter will race HackPittsburgh’s PowerWheels racer during the Faire.

Spray paint can shaker*
A small table top drill-motor powered device for shaking up cans of spray paint.

Utility Top Hat*
A crocheted top hat that holds several dram vials and other electronics

Vertical Wind Machine model*
A vertical axis wind turbine

Wind Turbine*
A 6 foot wind turbine made from found items and simple construction. Suitable for charging 12volt batteries for offgrid power or emergency

006 PowerWheels Car*
006 is our PowerWheels car that took 1st in the drag race and 1st in the Moxie race at this year’s Detroit Maker Faire.  See it race at 11:00 am, 12:45 and 3:00 pm during the Faire, weather permitting.


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