Power Wheels Racing Series

Power Wheels Racing was an exciting addition to Maker Faire Pittsburgh this year!  As the crowds cheered, cars in the form of a Lego block, Lightning McQueen, ambulance, the Bluth stairs, even a waffle jockeyed for position on the course.  Some sped by, others traveled more leisurely.  Moxie points were in high contention and the sprints and the endurance race had thrilling finishes.  We can’t wait for next year!  Here are the official results:

Maker Faire Pittsburgh Power Wheels Race

Sprint 1 (Saturday):   Baltimore Burners – Lightning McQueen
Sprint 2 (Saturday):   HackPittsburgh – Lego Car
Endurance (Sunday):   HackPittsburgh – Lego Car
Moxie:  HackPittsburgh – Lego Car
Overall:  HackPittsburgh – Lego Car

Power Wheel Racing 2016 Season

Championship, Tesla Cup:   Master Builders Racing – MB4
Race Points, Chapman Trophy:   FUBAR Labs – FUBAR
Moxie Cup:   Baltimore Burners – Lightning McQueen