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Back for 2015

Stay tuned for news of a bigger and better Maker Faire in 2015!

Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire 2013

We had a blast with more than 1,800 faire-goers at the third annual Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire in 2013!

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Photos by Larry Rippel and Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh

Please take a few minutes to fill out a survey if you attended or participated in the 2013 Faire:
For Attendees:
For Makers:

We would like to thank:

  • Co-Presenters  Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh and HackPittsburgh (whose year-round maker programs will keep you  making until next year’s Faire!)
  • All the makers who engaged, intrigued and wowed us
  • The Faire’s key planners Tamara Goldbogen, Angie Jasper, Doug Philips and Robert Blackwell
  • Our 2013 Sponsors:   PA Cyber School, Spark, a program of the Sprout Fund, Pepsi, Agora Cyber Charter School, Autodesk, Inc. and pairNetworks

Meet the Makers

Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire is proud to announce this year’s makers, who will exhibit, demonstrate, and teach at the 3rd annual faire on August 18, 2013 from 10am-4pm at Buhl Community Park and the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh on Pittsburgh’s North Side.

A co-presentation of the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh and HackPittsburgh, and primary event sponsor MAKE magazine, Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire 2013 is made possible with the support of The Spark Fund, The Pennsylvania Cyber Charter School, Pepsi, Agora Cyber Charter School, and pairNetworks.

Proposals from a broad spectrum of 65 regional makers were received for the 2013 Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire ranging from local roboticists to hackers to kid inventors were accepted May 1 through July 31, and selected by Faire planners based on the following criteria:

  • Handmade or homemade projects made by individuals, clubs or start-up companies
  • Made projects or making processes that use new technologies or old technologies in new ways
  • Interactivity for adults, as well as kids – teach, share and demonstrate!
  • Innovation, Creativity and Inventiveness
  • WOW factor                           

Click here to tour the makers, including projects in 3D Technology, Robots, Rideables, Electronics, Hackers, Indie Crafts, Sustainable Living, Water, and Spectacle. Each slide includes website links and more to learn about each exhibiting project of the 2013 Faire.

Highlights include:

  • HackPittsburgh: Faire co-presenters HackPittsburgh will inspire YOU to be a maker with their inventive, sometimes-wacky, always impressive project showcase.  Whether it is a bot, turbine or solar panel this is a showcase that should not be missed!
  • PowerWheels Car Races: Cheer as the Power Wheels Racers take on the M3Bot-2
  • Robot Takeover: FIRST Robotics Teams take over the Faire—Girls of Steel Robotics Program will show off their Frisbee shooting, pyramid climbing robot, EVE. The Sarah Heinz Advanced Robotics Program’s robot can play Ultimate Assent. FIRST Robotics offers Fairegoers a chance to drive robots in the competition field using hand-held controllers.
  • Game of Drones: Kind of like basketball except with a Personal Unmanned Air Vehicle (drone) and ping pong balls.
  • Handmade Arcade: the people from Pittsburgh’s largest indie craft faire teach participants how to make their own buttons, and learn some embroidery.
  • Learn to Solder: This Faire favorite is back! HackPittsburgh and the MAKESHOP team up to help you learning everything there is to know about soldering.
  • Blacksmithing Demonstration: Touchstone Center for Crafts will cover the history and fundamentals of blacksmithing.
  • Rookie of the Gear Pitching Machine: See the first trial run of the Pitching Machine that has been created at MAKESHOP. Teaching artists and kids visiting the Children’s Museum have built a large-scale catapult that will make its debut pitch at PNC Park at the end of the summer.
  • Whimsy Engineering: Witness a bike mounted bubble blowing apparatus coasting through the faire, a large vortex cannon shooting smoke rings and color smoke filled bubbles into the air.
  • SparkTruck: This educational build-mobile from Stanford is traveling across the USA this summer to incite creativity and invigorate STEM skills of children by providing free workshops where they learn to use 3D printers, laser cutters and LEGO MINDSTORMS EV3 robotics toolkits.
  • Emergency Tetherball Kit: Play Your City is a challenge to make the city better by making it more playful with a tetherball game that can be attached to a streetlamp or pole to create play anywhere, anytime.

Plus 3D Workshops, LED Wearables, DrawBots, Cuddly Circuits, Floating Origami, and more!

For Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire 2013 tickets, directions and more information visit


2013 Call for Makers Is Extended to July 31!

Hey local makers, DIYers, tinkerers, craftspeople, inventors, – we have extended the deadline to be an exhibiting Maker at Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire on August 18!  It’s hot outside, so go indoors, work on  your application and send it our way.  We want you to show off your cool stuff at this unique festival of science, art, music, technology and all around ingenuity.  This is the third Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire and shaping up to be the best Faire ever.

Individuals, groups, schools and organizations are welcome to apply.  We encourage both kid and adult makers.  Commercial makers who would like to demonstrate, as well as sell, their products at the Faire pay a nominal fee.

Call for Makers deadline is Wednesday, July 31.

Blacksmith from Touchstone Center for Crafts;    Photo by Larry Rippel

Blacksmith from Touchstone Center for Crafts at Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire 2012. Photo by Larry Rippel

The Call for Makers is Open!

We encourage you to join the fun and enter a project to exhibit at this newfangled fair that brings together science, art, craft, engineering and music in a fun, energized and exciting public forum.  The aim is to inspire people of all ages to roll up their sleeves and become makers.

The 2013 Call for Makers is now open!

Early Bird Call for Makers Deadline:  June 1
Call for Makers Deadline:  July 4

What We’re Looking For:

  • Handmade or homemade projects made by individuals, clubs or start-up companies
  • Made projects or making processes that use new technologies or old technologies  in new ways
  • Interactivity for adults as well as kids – teach, share and demonstrate!
  • Innovation, Creativity and Inventiveness
  • WOW factor

*New Makers who submit an application by June 1 can receive feedback on ideas from Seasoned Makers and have the opportunity to resubmit if desired.

Thank you! + Share Your Thoughts

We had a blast with 1,800 faire-goers at the second Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire on September 22nd! Tell us what YOU think of this year’s faire:

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We would like to thank:

For ongoing maker-related programs, as well as news of next year’s Faire, please stay connected with us on Twitter and Facebook. Watch for the Call for Makers early next summer to showcase your own talent in the next Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire.  See you in 2013, Pittsburgh!

Announcing our 2012 Selected Makers

The Faire is pleased as punch to announce the selected makers for Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire 2012! They are an incredible collection of inventors, artists, hackers, crafters, teens, kids and adults but what connects them all is the love of making and the desire to teach, entertain and inspire YOU!

Click here to Meet the Makers of 2012!

The Handheld Tesla by Luke Kambic is just one of the electrifying projects at the 2012 Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire!

Tickets Now On Sale!

Don’t miss the excitement of the 2nd annual Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire this September! The Faire will present 6 hours of demos, workshops, performances and spectacle that highlight the cutting edge and creative work of makers throughout southwestern PA. From amazing 3D printers to inspiring kid inventors, bring the whole family and reserve your tickets now! See our Attend tab for extra info and a list of discounts.

Seeing the Future at PMMF 2011. Photo by Larry Rippel

2013 Call for Makers Is Closed

Thank you to all the creative, inventive makers who applied to exhibit at this year’s Faire.  Stay tuned for the big announcement of the full list of exhibiting makers at Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire on August 18!

Blacksmith from Touchstone Center for Crafts;    Photo by Larry Rippel

Blacksmith from Touchstone Center for Crafts at Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire 2012.
Photo by Larry Rippel