Exhibit: A “Window” to the future


Direct sunlight that enters homes through windows can heat homes, requiring the cooling system to consume more energy, and fade paint, furniture, and wallpaper. However, keeping a window constantly covered defeats the purpose of a window--now you've just got extra wall space. This exhibit is an automated system that can open and close window shades at key times during the day, keeping the most acute rays of the sun out but allowing the visibility of an uncovered window when the sunlight is less intense.

Beyond the automated system, the project requires data collection and analysis of the effect of open versus closed blinds, so that an in-depth presentation of the amount of energy saved can be presented.

Exhibit Location: unassigned

About The Maker

Nicole Baldy

Nicole is a senior at Franklin Regional high school who became interested in research after attending a computer science based “Technology Leadership Initiative” at the University of Pittsburgh. She was offered a research project by Pitt professor Dr. Mosse to complete, and finding it interesting, is in the process of designing a system to automatically open and close window blinds based on relative light and temperature to research the energy conserved by the implementation of such a system in a home.