Exhibit: Ancient Chainmaking Demonstration


In a meeting of the ancient and modern, local silversmith Brandy Sinclair will demonstrate how chains were made thousands of years ago. She will transform silver wire into solid fused links, then into a variety of shapes before weaving them into chains. She will have historical documentation and photos of surviving jewelry on-hand, along with some of her finished works demonstrating this technique.
To show how the old can be made new, Brandy can link those ancient gold chains with today's woven rubber band bracelet craze by showing how the same methods are used to make both.

Exhibit Location: unassigned

About The Maker

Sinclair Jewelry

Sinclair Jewelry is run by husband and wife team Brian Hagan and Brandy Sinclair. We’ve been making historicaly inspired jewelry and replicas for over ten years. We have a blend of art degrees, teaching experience and professional certifications that are rarely seen in independent jewelry artists. Brandy is the designer and jeweler behind Sinclair Jewelry. Brian is the gemcutter and a Graduate Gemologist of the GIA. Outside of Sinclair Jewelry, we are parents, gamers, writers, and historical reenactors. Brandy enjoys calligraphy and archery, while Brian prefers to test himself on the battlefield with his fencing rapier.