Exhibit: AutoSet


AutoSet reads lengths from a cut list on our mobile app, eTape Construction, and moves a stop to that length on a rail that attaches to the saw fence. In addition to connecting to AutoSet, the eTape Construction app also connects to a Bluetooth tape measure, the eTape16, from our partner company, eMeasure, Inc. So, our users can make a measurement by tapping a button on the tape measure, and then have the saw cut to that length automatically.

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About The Maker

Velocity Robotics

A Smarter Toolbox for a Smarter World. Velocity Robotics is building “The Internet of Tools”, a suite of connected tools for builders and makers. Our tools enable users to work faster with fewer errors. Come by our booth to see our latest creation, AutoSet, an automated stop for your miter saw that can read in cut lists from our connected app, eTape Construction.