Exhibit: Barrels to Beethoven – Interactive Steelpan Education


Our interactive exhibit will teach the steelpan building process through videos, photographs and first hand demonstration. Attendees will have the opportunity to see the tools and techniques used to build a tune a steelpan. They will also get to try out hammering a barrel and tuning a note to pitch. Our Let's Play Pan area will allow guests to play all of the instruments in the steelpan family. Our instructors will show how to play each instrument, as well as perform for guests throughout the day.

Exhibit Location: unassigned

About The Maker

Barrels to Beethoven

Barrels to Beethoven, founded in 2014 is an organization dedicated to steelpan preservation, education and innovation. Our programming is developed around the steelpan, a musical instrument from the Caribbean. Barrels to Beethoven provides engaging, entertaining, and interactive opportunities for the public, especially young people, to learn the history of the steelpan, building and tuning process, music theory, and playing technique. The ultimate goal of the organization is to develop a new generation of steelpan builders, tuners, teachers, ensuring the growth and advancement of the instrument over time.