Exhibit: Basic Electricity Course


The exhibit will include both examples of circuits that show how motors and generators work, how relays work, how to reverse the direction of a motor using simple switches, how two-way and three-way switches allow controlling a single light from two or three floors of a house, basic computer logic circuits, etc. Planned is an exhibit of several computer-controlled "cars" that run across the floor (or tabletop) and reverse direction when they reach a boundary (like a brick). The idea is to show how simple closed-loop feedback systems work, which is the basis of a lot of computer-controlled automation

Exhibit Location: unassigned

About The Maker

Joseph M. Newcomer

PhD Computer Science, Carnegie Mellon University 53 years a software professional (now retired) Lifetime member of the ACM (computing’s professional organization) Volunteer tutor in City of Pittsburgh school system Member, and occasional instructor, at TechShop, Pittsburgh. Have been certified to work with/in/on basic woodshop, 3D ShopBot CNC router, thickness planer, jointer/planer, table saw, table router; basic metalshop; sandblasting and powder coating; CNC waterjet cutter; 3D printing; laser cutter/engraver; vertical mill