Exhibit: CMR 16e


CMR 16e will feature twin Emrax 228 motors producing 107 hp combined with a 6.5 kWhr pack in the race version. With a curb weight of 235 kg, 16e has a specific power of 0.46 hp/kg. The 6.5 kWhr pack is sized to give ample range between charges to keep drivers on the track, while our acceleration and skid pad times place us in the 70th and 90th percentile of similar formula cars based on combined FSAE Lincoln 2015 Results. Finally, 16e’s ability to send 100% of power to either rear wheel through our independent motors combined with high performance brakes will allow stunning agility in autocross events.

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About The Maker

Carnegie Mellon Racing

Carnegie Mellon Racing is a student group at Carnegie Mellon University that designs, builds, and races a 100% electric Formula 1 style vehicle. We are part of the Formula SAE student design challenge in which teams from universities across the world compete in a series of judged categories such as engineering design and business viability, as well as dynamic events such as acceleration and autocross.