Exhibit: Communal Kinetic Scupture Train


Help construct a kinetic sculpture using collected recycled and donated materials into a large, movable group project. Makers of all ages will glue, drill, staple, tape, screw and sew to connect movable pieces for this large scale project, changing and morphing throughout the Maker Faire Festival each day. The project will begin in two STEAM schools where students will use simple solar devices and small motors to get things spinning and led lights and tape to light up the structure. Makers presenting at the faire are also nvited to add to the automata. Possible collaborators could host the final sculpture including the Pittsburgh Children's Museum, PPS STEAM schools and PCCR.

Exhibit Location: unassigned

About The Maker

Irma Freeman Center for Imagination

SHEILA ALI is the Director of the IFCI, Curator, an Art and DIY tech instructor, and Maker. She holds a PA Teaching Certificate for Visual Art (K-12), a BA from Brandeis University, and an MFA in Visual Art from Vermont College. For the past twenty plus years she has worked both as a teacher and education coordinator in places such as the Carnegie Museum, Pittsburgh Center for the Arts, Silver Eye Center for Photography, Spring Valley High School in Las Vegas and Chatham College. Her artwork and films have been shown at the Carnegie Museum of Art, the Las Vegas Museum of Modern Art, the Three Rivers Film Festival, and over 40 other venues. Sheila has received various grants for her educational programming such as from the Grable Foundation and The Pittsburgh Foundation with support from the Sprout Fund as part of the Pittsburgh Children’s Museum Makeshop Maker Micro grant program. Sheila has participated, on behalf of the IFCI, at a number of Maker Faires, including doing her stand-up act My Journey as a Maker: Reflections of the Artist as a Childl and Miniature Plumbing at the Maker Faire in San Francisco. She has also taught art as the A in the Lincoln STEAM Academy in Pittsburgh Public Schools, where she created a 35 foot/3-story tall mixed-media replica of a Monarch Butterfly Tree as a school-wide project. Sheila has been active in the Penn Avenue Arts District since its humble beginnings.