Exhibit: Creating and Coding with the STEAM Team!


Come explore a variety of maker projects designed by the second grade students at South Fayette Elementary School! At this exhibit, eight members of South Fayette's Second Grade STEAM Team and their teacher will guide you through the creation of Lego Spin Art, squishy circuitry, and a life-sized, programmable version of the classic game, Operation!

Our Lego Spin art machines were created using Lego WeDo kits and allow participants to experiment with coding, color mixing, and design. Come power one up and see what you can create!

In addition to building with Legos, the STEAM team enjoys tinkering with circuitry and lighting their ideas up! Create and sculpt with our conductive playdoh and see if you can make your project glow and make sound!

After building some simple circuits, give our life-sized board game a try! This game may look familiar...but the STEAM wired it up...see what happens when you complete the circuit!

Exhibit Location: unassigned

About The Maker

South Fayette 2nd Grade STEAM Team/Melissa Unger

The Second Grade STEAM Team is made up of some of South Fayette’s most enthusiastic makers! These kids love to design, create, and share their projects with others! Melissa Unger teaches students about computer programming helps them design, build, and bring their ideas to life as they conduct experiments, create inventions, and use technology to animate their projects. Melissa sponsors after school computer programming initiatives, and provides support and outreach to the Western Pennsylvania region and beyond through the South Fayette STEAM Summer Institute and staff development.