Exhibit: Creator Square Living Makerspace Workshop


What are the components of a 'Living Makerspace,' that is, a makerspace that you can live within or a living space within which you can make things ? This is the subject of an interactive workshop with Architect Paul Rosenblatt, Principal of Springboard Design and Founder of Creator Square, an innovative artisan/maker residency program designed to connect the dots between the region’s manufacturing heritage and contemporary advances in small batch manufacturing and maker space innovation.

This 90 minute workshop will:

- Equip you with knowledge to help you set up your own 'Living Makerspace;'
- Enable you to talk with other makers about issues that they have faced and solutions that they have developed;
- Help you to identify opportunities in your existing homes and studios;
- Inspire you to create the 'Living Makerspace' that you have always dreamed of!
- Welcome you to ask questions about how to get started.

Workshop participants will be divided into groups of 2-6 people to take on the workshop questions and challenges together. You can come with friends as a team, or become part of a team that we form in the workshop together.

You will learn about the components of a 'Living Makerspace' by adding the components of the space to one of several pre-selected prototypical spaces provided in the workshop. .
Throughout the workshop, you’ll have the opportunity to interact and gain inspiration from design teams around the room and the instructor and ask questions of experienced m,makers and designers when you reach a dead end..

Exhibit Location: unassigned

About The Maker

Creator Square

Creator Square is an artisan residency program developed to stimulate urban revitalization, economic development, and workforce training. The first manifestation of Creator Square is located in Johnstown, Pennsylvania. Creator Square Johnstown will be housed in the renovated Parkview Building, an existing historic structure that will be transformed into a community maker space and live/work studio facility. Emerging leaders in the local and national maker community will be chosen for residencies lasting from two months to two years in duration. The program is designed to connect the dots between the region’s manufacturing heritage and contemporary advances in small batch manufacturing and maker space innovation How It Works The program has been designed to introduce new economy makers and craftspeople with small batch manufacturing businesses and entrepreneurial skills into local western Pennsylvania communities through a competitive residency. Rather than locating an art center in the outskirts of town, Creator Square’s potential as an economic accelerant is founded on its central positioning, stimulating nearby development. Participants in the program will be asked to present workforce development and job skill transfer workshops in exchange for low-rent, purpose-built, live/work studios in a micro-community building, dedicated and shared production space and equipment, donated materials, teaching opportunities, and sales promotion and advice. Team and Partners The initial idea was incubated in 2014, during an interdisciplinary Carnegie Mellon University class led by Architect Paul Rosenblatt of Springboard Design, with local Johnstown resident, Donald Bonk. Supporting partners of Creator Square include Carnegie Mellon University, University of Pittsburgh, the Department of Defense, and the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies. Funding We are currently being supported by a variety of sources including a modest commitment from the Department of Defense Office of Economic Adjustment, which provides support for communities that have lost defense related manufacturing jobs, the Community Foundation for the Alleghenies, the City of Johnstown, and Cambria County, among others. Up until now, our approach has been to seek small amounts of initial funding from a variety of sources to generate broad based stakeholder and community support.