Exhibit: Design Print and Mold Custom Chocolate Bars


I'm planning to demonstrate my process for making custom chocolate bars. We use a customizable CAD design which is then 3-D printed to create a plastic replica. This is then used as a form or mold plug for making a vacuum formed mold out of plastic cut from a disposable plate. The small vacuum former is a laser-cut plywood assembly that I cut at TechShop Pittsburgh. This year we'll also have custom Gummy candies.

Participants can modify the design (I use an OpenSCAD parametric model or TinkerCAD) printing their name, or some short slogan. We should keep this simple to allow quick printing. We can then print the plug on site with my MakerGear M2 printer in PLA plastic within a few minutes. The vacuum former makes a small mold about 4” x 4” so the plastic can be heated with a heat gun, and a quick shot of shop vacuum suction makes the mold. The participant can take away the plug and the mold to make the chocolate at home. It would be too elaborate to mold custom chocolates for each participant but a few would be feasible. An alternative could be a giveaway of a pre-made small chocolate Makeys - Last year I gave away about 6 or 7 pounds of samples

I’ve also used a 3-D scanner to make chocolate busts of my kids. This is too much to exhibit, but I will have examples to show.

Categories: 3D Printing, Food
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Bob Gould

I’m a lifelong tinkerer/fixer/maker. I do woodworking, metal working, vintage auto and motorcycle restoration, electronics including Arduino & Raspberry Pi, 3-D Scanning, and 3-D printing.I work as an engineer and have have a wife, two girls, and a dog in a suburb just outside Pittsburgh. At last year’s Maker Faire Pittsburgh, I exhibited my process for making custom chocolates using 3-D printing and Vacuum Forming.