Exhibit: Draper and Dots


At Draper & Dots, we empower learners by leveraging immersive and engaging projects in music and technology. Have you ever built a record player? Made your own synthesizer? Remixed your car? Come learn about these things and more as we explore music and sound with hands-on activities! Our focus is on skill development through the exploration of music and the arts in an inquiry-based, active learning environment, as well as through the use of culturally relevant technologies and maker principles. Our unique approach, based in aesthetic education, constructivism, and constructionism allows participants to question, collaborate, experiment, and discover, as well as develop their critical awareness, imagination, self-reflection and resilience - the cornerstones of creativity! It is our goal to simultaneously develop hard and soft skills that will empower our participants to be successful 21st-century learners and creators. We thrive on partnering with organizations of all types - stop by and make some noise with us!

Featured Maker Faire activities:
- Designing amplifiers from everyday objects to play a vinyl record
- Building a synthesizer
- Remixing everyday sounds into a song
- Creating playable instruments from recycled materials
- Collaborative art making inspired by sound

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About The Maker

Draper & Dots

Draper & Dots was founded on three simple principals — the arts should be unconditionally fun, universally accessible, and deeply meaningful for everyone. Sharing these core beliefs and having worked in a variety of educational environments, our central team brings to bear over 15 years of arts education experience. With a specific emphasis on building creativity, Draper & Dots have worked throughout the Western Pennsylvania area and have presented nationally to support learners, educators, and organizations in developing their imaginative, innovative, and expressive capacities. Our work in formal and informal learning spaces as well as nonprofit organizations has given us unique insight into the significance of providing flexible and engaging educational offerings – offerings that open new pathways for personal and professional development.