Exhibit: Gemcutting Demonstration


Watch lapidary Brian Hagan take a rough stone and grind it to sparkling brilliance! You can see him cut a gem on his Ultratech V5, or get a look at the whole process in a time-lapse video. He'll also have prepared stones at various cutting stages, mineral samples, and finished gems to admire.
As a Graduate Gemologist of the GIA, Brian is also more than happy to answer any questions people may have about their favorite stones.

Exhibit Location: unassigned

Faceting a garnet with a rainbow for company.

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About The Maker

Sinclair Jewelry

Sinclair Jewelry is run by husband and wife team Brian Hagan and Brandy Sinclair. We’ve been making historicaly inspired jewelry and replicas for over ten years. We have a blend of art degrees, teaching experience and professional certifications that are rarely seen in independent jewelry artists. Brandy is the designer and jeweler behind Sinclair Jewelry. Brian is the gemcutter and a Graduate Gemologist of the GIA. Outside of Sinclair Jewelry, we are parents, gamers, writers, and historical reenactors. Brandy enjoys calligraphy and archery, while Brian prefers to test himself on the battlefield with his fencing rapier.