Exhibit: Hanover Designs


Hanover Designs creates hand-crafted upscale jewelry with a unique maker twist. We believe you can look luxurious while showing off your own creative tastes. Using industrial materials like concrete, we make custom earrings, necklaces, and coasters that have a clean modern look with a touch of luxury.

Come and see how we make our custom molds, learn about different types of concrete mixes, and maybe buy a few pieces for the creatives in your life (especially if it's you! #TreatYourself)

We're a small family business based out of Pittsburgh PA.

Categories: Art, Jewelry, Vendor
Exhibit Location: unassigned

About The Maker

Hanover Designs

Hanover Designs makes jewelry and accessories with industrial yet modern flair. Each hand-crafted piece we make combines the strength of concrete with a touch of luxury.