Exhibit: High Tech Sustainable Agriculture


Students across the district work to solve the 21st Century problem of sustainable agriculture through breeding and growing their own organic food. Each building in the district has a greenhouse equipped with an aquaponic growing system for leaf lettuce and Tilapia. Our students complete a comprehensive data analysis, a germination program, and a Tilapia breeding program that integrates STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) subjects K-12. In science class, students use the Davis Vantage Vue systems to document hourly data on air temperature, humidity, barometric pressure and weather. In science and mathematics classes, students use the Sper Meter Kit to digitally measure and log pH, water temperature, and dissolved oxygen (DO) levels in the aquaponic tanks. Students electronically measure the levels and complete an analysis. The data will compare crop yields, patterns across schools, performance, and reliability analysis. Students use the Arduino Mega Board and Arduino WiFi Shield in computer classes to develop their own computer program that collects the data from the two systems and populates it into a spreadsheet that they can access anytime. The students must program the computers to collect the data and put it in a useable format for their own scientific analysis. They use the serial camera with the boards to engineer and create a live-stream video monitoring system for their fish. They program the camera to provide a live-steam on the District’s YouTube Channel. The Raspberry Pi Touchscreen Kit allows students to develop their own touch-based computer program. The touchscreen is installed in the greenhouses and students will develop a program in computer class to add antidotal data from the aquaponic system. Because the students are the ones developing the program, they can make the touchscreen do what they need or collect what data they want. The students are in full control of the program and are not restricted to specific programming languages or services. The only limit is their imagination and creativity!

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