Exhibit: Hot Air Engines


Hot Air Engines.
A display of low temperature "hot air" Stirling engines.
Stirling or “hot air” engines have been around since 1816. They are engines that are used to convert a heat source into mechanical power for doing useful work. One of the newest types of these engines are called “low temperature” engines. They are capable of running on very small amounts of heat. My display consists of small homemade scratch-built “low temperature” engines that run on very low amounts of heat. They are sensitive enough that when they are placed in the palm of my hand they can run on body heat alone. The engines run quietly making about as much noise as a clock. The engines are made of transparent materials so that I can demonstrate their inner workings and explain how they operate. I make them in my workshop using a metal lathe, milling machine, and many hand tools.

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About The Maker

Hot Air Engines

Home shop machinist, designing and building hot air engines for over 20 years.