Exhibit: Imade3D Jellybox


Imade3D 3D printer DIY kit Jellybox is the only 3d printer kit designed for education. Special trasparent acrylic and zip-ties utilizing construction makes build quick and enjoyable. We also teach how to build Jellybox printer in one day quick build class - dedicated for makers or teachers. Teachers can build Jellyboxes with students, use them for printing and then un-build and have it ready for next students. In addition to "education approach" is Jellybox high quality printer; we gave got already four "editor's choice awards" from Maker Magazine this year.

Exhibit Location: unassigned

About The Maker

Ladi – Imade3D Jellybox

Ladi is one of designers of Jellybox 3D printer DIY kit, educator, entrepreneur, electrical engineer and finally live-time maker. He believes in “learn by hand-on and failure” education”. Jellybox was designed to allow to make high quality 3D printer by anyone. Really!