I will be exhibiting the real life functioning items that I have built on my YouTube Channel! Including- the Powerfist, Super Sledge, DOOM rocket launcher, Iron Man Gauntlet, and others that previously did not exist outside of CG.

Exhibit Location: unassigned

About The Maker


I have built things all of my life and it has always been my passion. After graduating from college with a BA in Finance, I felt that I needed purpose so I joined the US Navy. After completing my 5 year contract and receiving my honorable discharge, I decided to use the money that I had saved to start a business and do something that meant something to me. I spent a few months trying to find a way to use my passion for creating to develop a business. Eventually I decided that youtube provided the perfect platform. I am now in the process of building my channel which is based on building things from video games, movies, anything else that inspires me, and original ideas. As I said before my schooling was in finance, I am a FAA certified Air Traffic Controller, and received some minor training in Aviation Structural work from my time in the Navy. I do not have any engineering or electrical training or schooling which i think proves that anyone can build anything.