Exhibit: Junior Maker: Anyone Can Be a Maker!


This exhibit will have all hands-on toys for younger kids to play and tinker with! We are encouraging younger kids that they can join the maker movement too! Some cool hands-on activities include MakeyMakey, and Arduino.

We will have more advanced toys for the older kids/grownups (Raspberry Pi, Arduino, etc.). For the younger kids we will have legos and a MakeyMakey.

The Raspberry Pi and Arduino are to teach the fundamentals of programming and tinkering. A Scratch station will teach fairgoers to make games and stories while running on a Raspberry Pi. This is a fun way to teach about something that they can access at home.

We will have a Lego Robotics demo with a Lego Mindstorms NXT robot. This robot will be a forklift that fairgoers can drive and try to pick up foam blocks.

Making is not all electronics so, we will have a craft/experiment to have a passenger (ex. army man, lego man) in a harness and have it so it attaches to a parachute that fairgoers can make and customize. It will be a competition to see who can get the longest time (slowest descent).

Exhibit Location: unassigned

About The Maker

Junior Maker

I am the founder and president of Junior Maker, a website that I post regularly about the new things I have found out about (Google Cardboard, Sphero, Raspberry Pi, etc.). I put thorough descriptions about each thing and also post videos explaining what it can do.