Exhibit: Lindscience


Through my enthusiasm for biology and background in art, I make identifying patterns in the tree of life contagious! Scientists are working every day to understand the parts, relate the pieces and build the puzzle of our knowledge of this magnificent planet. The work they do is the fuel my illustrations use to spark interest and form a permanent connection between the minds of man and the natural world.

Categories: Art, Craft, Illustration, Vendor
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About The Maker

Lindsay Wright

Lindsay Wright has been cultivating a keen observational eye since she was young. She has always loved exploring nature and putting what she saw on paper. This desire for drawing realistically with scientific themes developed through schooling as Lindsay earned her degree in Studio Arts at the University of Pittsburgh with a minor in Biology. Lindsay was a work-study student at the Carnegie Museum of Natural History in the Education Department throughout her years at Pitt. This opened her up to many opportunities including working with paleontologist Dr. Matthew Lamanna to reconstruct the skeleton of a new species of Titanosaur, a long-necked dinosaur. Lindsay is certificated in Science Illustration from California State University, Monterey Bay and completed an internship in Art Direction with Zoobooks, Kid’s Magazine. Currently Lindsay is working art festivals around the Pittsburgh area sharing her passion with the community.