Exhibit: Portable wind turbines


My Portable Turbine is a 20foot wind turbine attached to the trailer hitch of my Jeep wrangler for off-road power generation, it demonstrates use of how a Permanent Magnet motor can be re-purposed as a wind turbine. It uses two different types of wind turbine a traditional turbine with 3 foot blades for a 6 foot rotor diameter. and a 3 foot diameter Archimedes screw turbine It can generate 400 to 1000 watts for charging batteries in a decent wind.
In the installation is a led bar graph that demonstrates the amount of energy being produced. Along with a recirculating electric water pump for a more physical demonstration of then energy produced.

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About The Maker

Gabe Cottrell

I’m a maker, I build what comes to me, but I specialize in electromechanical systems, wind turbines, robots, camera rigs, robots, special effects and all things offroad.