Exhibit: RealBotics, Inc.


At our booth, we will have examples of devices and hardware that can be attached and controlled through the RealBotics.com platform. Examples will be along the lines of a robotic pet feeder, a remotely operated camera with 30x zoom, and a LEGO-based project. Additionally, we will have a compressed-air-powered cannon that people will be able to remotely control and fire. Visitors will be able to shoot items ranging from tennis balls to cupcakes at targets in an enclosed area of our booth.

Exhibit Location: unassigned

About The Maker

RealBotics, Inc.

At RealBotics, we are taking the next step towards the Internet of Things by allowing makers and inventors to remotely operate their next big idea through the Web. RealBotics is the platform where your ideas will literally come to life. After you’ve finished making your next project or device, download one of our templates to help you connect your device to RealBotics.com. When connecting your device, you can design your own customized controller buttons and add an optional live-streaming video feed of your device. Now, you’re ready to remotely control your device from anywhere you have Internet access. Attach your next pet food feeder, garage door opener, or robotic butler to RealBotics.