Exhibit: Robomotive Laboratories


At Robomotive Laboratories I make a variety of eclectic electronics. I make the Doorbell phone, which turns old rotary phones into doorbells, I make force feedback robot kits and Arduino shields, and I make full immersion robots, that let you see what the robot sees, go where the robot goes, and feel what the robot feels.
At my booth visitors can see how old rotary phones work, and how to adapt them to modern projects. I'll have force feedback robot arms set up to test and explain how they work and what can be done with them. Visitors can try it out in a block stacking activity, where they'll feel the blocks through the force feedback system, and which is suitable for all ages. Best of all, I'll be bringing the Mimic immersion robot, a first of it's kind. Mimic uses head tracking, 3d video and goggles, whole arm controls, force feedback, and an IRS based foot controller for motion. Adults and older children can have the full immersion experience and don the goggles to see what it's like to be an adorable 12 inch tall robot, while younger visitors can stack blocks or make the robot dance using only the full arm controllers. All products are very small and will fit on the typically available tabletop space.
Users will be able to purchase a variety of rotary phones and the Doorbell Phone module, several versions of my Cortex: Robot Arm Controller, and be offered special incentives for my Mimic immersion robot Kickstarter.

Exhibit Location: unassigned

About The Maker

Robomotive Laboratories

Robomotive Laboratories help people make cool things, including full immersion robots, force feedback robot arms, Arduino shields, and rotary phone doorbells.