Exhibit: SorceryScience


It all started with a 3D printer. A friend had designed some science keychains which inspired me to make some science jewelry. I joined Tech Shop to start 3D printing some molecular structure jewelry and quickly realized that the laser cutters, and not the 3D printers, were the way to go. The laser cutters are so versatile and can cut designs with such ease that it feels like magic. That's how I came up with my shop name, SorceryScience. I make science jewelry using the laser cutters, which looks like sorcery so my jewelry is a combination of sorcery and science. I began by making simple, common molecules like caffeine, serotonin, and dopamine, which are widely recognizable. From there I've added molecules that I thought had a neat structure or that were requested by my customers. Over the last two years, my designs have expanded to include over 30 molecules. The thing that I love most about making science inspired jewelry is that people get really excited about what I make. My customers tell me about genetic research they're doing while they buy DNA earrings or request a custom design of a molecule that they're studying. My jewelry often makes my customers think of loved ones in science and other fields. They tell me about their favorite chemistry teacher while buying caffeine earrings, pick out an oxytocin necklace for a pregnant friend, or buy an estrogen pendant for a friend going through menopause. My jewelry connects people and allows them to show off their love of science, which is why I always tell people to "Rock Your Science Every Day!".

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About The Maker

Sorcery Science

SorceryScience makes nerdy scientific jewelry with lasers. Our geeky accessories are modeled after the molecular structure of some of your favorite chemicals. You can wear your caffeine fix or always be happy wearing serotonin and dopamine earrings. We make science inspired jewelry, t shirts, cufflinks, keychains, mugs, and even chandeliers. Rock your science every day with SorceryScience!