Exhibit: Steeltown Entertainment Project


Steeltown's booth will expose participants to the basics of film production and the myriad of roles it encompasses from pre-production and storyboarding to green screens and special effects. Steeltown Teaching Artists will be on hand to shadow and mentor participants throughout the activity.

Participants will have the option of designing storyboards using either pre-selected excerpts from various family films or from stories pulled from their own imaginations. Teaching artists will be on hand to educate and guide students through the process, explaining the intricacies, artwork, and attention to detail required before ever even picking up a camera.

As another option, attendees will be given the opportunity to go in front of the camera or behind to explore our green screen! In mad-libs-mash-up fashion, participants will select three cards from baskets - a location, a prop, and an action - and then put it all together in motion! You may end up an pirate in space or Darth Vader at the bottom of the ocean!

Lastly, our novice filmmakers can explore with our GoPro and see what really happens when we put things in slow motion! We'll have toys to play with and actions to try out to see what things look like when we stop moving 24 frames per second.

The Steeltown exhibit is designed to educate attendees on the basics of filmmaking - providing insight to the various roles and synchronicity of these roles when put into action. Steeltown hopes to excite and engage participants in the art of filmmaking. Additional information about our Youth & Media and our Steeltown Indie programs will be made available, as well as details regarding our various workshops, talks, and Crew Connect events.

Categories: Cinematography, Education
Exhibit Location: unassigned

About The Maker

Steeltown Entertainment Project

The Steeltown Entertainment Project is a nonprofit that believes Pittsburgh has what it takes to be a key player in creating world-class entertainment. We strengthen industry connections, educate youth, discover talent, and pioneer innovative models to incubate and invest in film and television projects. We do this all in an effort to forge a vibrant and sustainable entertainment industry for southwestern Pennsylvania. Students in our Youth & Media program learn invaluable 21st century skills while finding a way to share their voice and find their way in the digital age. Steeltown exposes middle and high school students to the possibility of fulfilling careers in media and entertainment. Mentors from Steeltown’s network of industry professionals guide students as they find their voice and share their story in the digital age. Our Youth & Media program empowers students to gain the skills needed to pursue education, enter the workforce, and help in everyday life. Since 2009, Steeltown has reached over 75 schools in the Greater Pittsburgh region and mentored over 700 students.