Exhibit: “Studio-based Garment Construction for Special Abilities Customers”


I am a Fashion & Costume Designer turned educator, so at any time during the exhibit, anyone wants to assist me in this maker demonstration, they are most welcome. Ex. drawing a straight line while I hold the French curve ruler, cutting out fabric, using the sewing machine, ironing, etc.
This is how the space will run...
* I will be working at an 8’ table with drafting tools, pencils, books, easel and various paper patterns
* I will be looking at a fashion sketch that I created before the exhibit. The illustration is of a garment that I will already have mostly drawn before the show. I will demonstrate various art tools I used. I'll transform the fashion sketch into a ‘working sketch’ and explain the reasoning behind that.
* I will have commercial patterns and I will have my personal guide of creating patterns from measurements only. The project I am working on is a sloper for an adaptable garment used for people in wheelchairs. The sloper (like most) will be constructed of muslin, before the real fabric (faux fur) is used. All corrections are made on the muslin before cutting into the real fabric.
* I will show how I transpose the customer’s measurements into a pattern and then into a garment. Since this is being made for a person with severe Cerebral Palsy, there is a different procedure I will follow and I will explain that.
* Once the pattern is created, transferred to fabric, cut and pinned, if there is time I can begin to sew the muslin sloper on my sewing machine.
* I will be sitting at my sewing machine, sewing. During each step I will encourage audience (young or old) to assist me if they wish.
* I will have a dress form at my table to show how I drape the muslin sloper to see if it will fit the human body correctly. At this point I will make changes if need be.
* I won't be working on the fur at this time, but will have things like; the lining fabric, trims, buttons, elastic, interfacings, etc. and will explain each embellishments purpose.

For FUN effects I am bringing a small plastic skeleton to show how the body moves, I will burn fabric with a candle safely in a metal pie pan, I will melt acetate fabric in acetone. I am also bringing a few portable microscopes so people can check out fabric weaves.

Exhibit Location: unassigned

About The Maker

ARTchaeology & CLASS

Lisa Marie Bruno has been teaching numerous art and fashion classes for over 30 years. She teaches all ages from children to the senior population. She also specializes in at-risk youths and special-abilities adults. Upon graduating design school she went back to teach there for 10 years. She taught art at Shuman Center, was the Arts Coordinator for YMCA camp, Art Director for the City of Pittsburgh, teaches classes at CCAC, and also teaches at Community Living and Support Services which is a day facility for special abilities adults. She teaches classes such as…Mini Modeling, Fashion History, Healthy Cooking, Jewelry Making, Theatre and Film, Fashion Illustrating, traditional Pattern-making, Wheelchair Dancing and a multitude of other art classes. She taught Costume Designing for the ‘G.A.T.E’ after school program in Los Angeles. As an independent artist and costumer she has been asked to lead seminars on ‘The History of Buttons’, ‘The Fashion Design World’, ‘Running a Costume Department’ ‘How to Revamp your School Uniforms’, and many more fashion/costume/art topics. She owned a vintage retail and custom design boutique until she began making costumes for film and theatre in the 90s. In the early 2000s she opened her own costume house in the Strip District until moving to Los Angeles. She now primarily teaches her fashion and Costume Craft and works as a consultant in film and theatre.