Exhibit: Zero Gravity Treadmill


The Zero Gravity Treadmill is a Treadmill that makes you float by putting on magnetic slip-on's over your shoes. The Zero Gravity Treadmill is not like a ordinary Treadmill, it makes you float by a magnet. The bottom of the Treadmill (Where you run on) is where the magnet is, and the slip-on's are magnet too, so when you put them on, it will make you float. The Zero Gravity Treadmill does not use any electricity what so ever and it is eco friendly, and if you use an ordinary Treadmill everyday for 2 hours it will effect your electric bill by 730 dollars a year and the G Treadmill effects your electric bill by 0 dollars.

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About The Maker


I am a young entrepreneur and I am in 5th grade going to Montour School District. I like to build, play with my friends, and create stuff. Also, I am very good with computers and I am a fast learmer