Exhibit: The Nikola Tesla Experience


The Nikola Tesla Experience introduces people of all ages to the brilliant inventor Nikola Tesla in a fun, interactive exhibit. Combining art and technology, people can learn his story while playing with inventions in an immersive experience. There will be several ways to play and learn:
- Interactive experience- Color in Nikola’s legacy in the Tesla coloring book while controlling a musical Tesla Coil!
- Use UV pigment markers to color in and draw Tesla related arts and view them in black light while learning about his inventions!
- Learn all about Nikola Tesla while coloring in pages from the Nikola Tesla Coloring book and making crafts with the Wardenclyffe wireless energy tower!
- View, touch and play with a plasma ball, a Tesla chess set created with a 3D printer and more!

Exhibit Location: unassigned

About The Maker

The Nikola Tesla Experience

The Nikola Tesla Experience is a collaboration of Niffer Desmond and Evgeny Soroka, an artist and engineer brought together creatively in their admiration for Nikola Tesla.