Exhibit: Touchey Facey


The original impetus for this project was an inquiry into the possibility of using a robot arm as a probe for characterizing the shape of a person’s face or body. The project answers another question that arose: what would it look like to use your finger as a probe to describe another person’s body? Relying on a kind of touching that is not typically condoned between any except intimate partners (though not at all necessarily erotic), a Makey Makey sends a keystroke to a computer when one person’s finger completes a circuit with the other’s body. The touching finger has a colored marker so that a simple computer vision procedure can locate it; when the Makey Makey detects a touch, data from a Kinect is parsed to record the exact location the touch happened. In this way, a map of a face (or any other conductive surface) is constructed.

Exhibit Location: unassigned

About The Maker

Robert Zacharias

I’m interested in surprising people with fun, engaging, meaningful learning experiences in places where they’re not expecting them!