Exhibit: Turtle Mail


Turtle Mail is a wooden mailbox for kids. It contains an embedded thermal printer and is WiFi-connected. Family and friends can send the children they love special messages from any mobile or desktop device. Parents can also sign their children up for daily activities and subscribe to content from fictional characters.

With Turtle Mail, children will get to regularly experience the anticipation and delight of receiving something new from their loved ones or favorite characters. They’ll also get something to hold on to, stick in their pocket, decorate their rooms with, make into a scrapbook, and share with family and friends. Kids will be able to use technology to play and connect with the people who love them.

All of the information Turtle Mail receives is directly obtained from parents through the WebApp. Parents are in complete control of who is allowed to send content to their children. Content includes mail and images from family and friends, Turtle Mail activities, and pre-generated messages from toys and characters. The WebApp provides a preview of pending messages and the ability to edit the content we provide or delete mail from the queue. We archive digital messages, so families can look back and reprint their mail at any point.

Parents can choose to receive push notifications as reminders to send new mail, but a child’s mailbox will never be empty because we deliver activities every day based on the preferences set by parents.

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About The Maker

AE Dreams, Inc.

AE Dreams is a Pittsburgh-based startup creating exciting new tech toys and technology experiences for kids and their families. AE Dreams was dreamed up in 2014 shortly after the company founders, Alysia and Niko, had their first child. They began noticing that many tech toys on the market were designed to distract and pacify children rather than engage and enrich them. But as technologists and designers, they knew tech toys could and should do more. And, like many parents, they were concerned with the effects of “screentime” on their daughter’s development, so they took these concerns to heart when they refined their ideas. Alysia and Niko founded AE Dreams with the goal to build products that inspire imaginative play and give children memory-building experiences with the people they love.