Exhibit: Xogo: Empowering People With Disabilities to Access Technology


It's easy to underestimate the social importance of shared pastimes — playing sports, making music, going on outdoor adventures — unless you've faced physical disabilities that make participation a challenge. Video games have tremendous potential as a social equalizer, providing an enjoyable and competitive way for people with a variety of physical disabilities to participate in active recreation with friends. Gaming can also be an empowering individual pursuit — a venue for exploration, challenge, achievement and entertainment.

Unfortunately, people with limited manual dexterity don't have access to alternative game controllers that would give them full freedom of gameplay.

We think it's time for this to change.

With Xogo, we are eliminating the primary challenges to accessible gaming, making it easy to mix and match whatever off-the-shelf or custom devices work for individuals. We are developing an intuitive, universal gaming adapter that can be used by anyone, offering universal game console compatibility and drag-and-drop combining of custom input devices.

We aim to fuel a vibrant ecosystem of innovative devices and designers worldwide, harnessing the creativity of developers, clinicians, and gamers with disabilities to overcome fundamental challenges in gaming accessibility.

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About The Maker

Bansen Labs

Growing up close to someone with cerebral palsy, our co-founder saw firsthand the challenges of living with a disability. Drawing on this unique insight, we are harnessing the power of technology to enhance ability, access, and inclusion for the 1 billion people worldwide with disabilities. Our technology, Xogo, is a new model in accessibility: a universal platform that enables our customers to access game consoles, cable boxes, smart home, and all their technology in one place via the accessible controls they already use – joysticks, buttons, wheelchair controls, etc. We are empowering our customers with an elegant solution to a pressing social problem, allowing them to lead more fulfilling and connected lives.