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This exhibit will have all hands-on toys for younger kids to play and tinker with! We are encouraging younger kids that they can join the maker movement too! Some cool hands-on activities include MakeyMakey, Arduino, and learning to program.


There are 1 billion people worldwide with disabilities. On the surface, each person’s needs are drastically different, and niche solutions exist to meet specific needs. However, a core set of overarching challenges–social inclusion, independence, and technological access–remain unaddressed. Xogo is an adapter that uses assistive technologies already available and bridges them to consumer technologies never before accessible to people with disabilities.


Naked Geometry creates functional design, using geometry and woodworking to craft everything from end tables to lamps to pendants. While most designers rely heavily on either the aesthetic, symbolic or mathematical aspects of the work, we focus on all three, adding an additional awareness of our primary material, wood.


SorceryScience makes nerdy scientific jewelry with lasers. Our geeky accessories are modeled after the molecular structure of some of your favorite chemicals. You can wear your caffeine fix or always be happy wearing serotonin and dopamine earrings. Rock your science every day with SorceryScience!


Project MoNET is interactive art project that creates semi-abstract paintings based on crowd-sourced colors.


Reynolds Advanced Materials is a a supplier of mold rubber and casting resins. We specialize in helping people like you convert concepts and project designs to a finished product. Our expertise can guide you to the right material and/or equipment for just your project. We will be performing demonstrations using our products throughout the day, raffling off material prizes along with displaying example pieces.


Pit area for Power Series racing car #99


These are laser etched acrylic lamps that display various transmutation circles.


Fantastic things brought to life on YouTube… and in real life.


This robot dog can chase his own robotic ball.

Come see a demo of how our self-guided studio space works! See a live feed of our studio and control the backdrop, lighting and camera functions right from the booth. You’ll be able to direct the subjects, make them read lines or act out. Then receive a copy of the video or photo via email.


Come and pet giant origami animals!


Explore the astronomical work of John Brashear and Samuel Langley and create a mini-spectroscope with the Heinz History Center!

My display consists of small homemade scratch-built engines. They are sensitive enough that when they are placed in the palm of my hand they can run powered by body heat alone.


Learn the traditional saddle stitch to assemble a laser cut leather key fob. Keep it for free!


See the ancient miracle of wool fibers be turned into felted hats!


City of Play’s Live Arcade features giant-sized versions of classic games, including Blacktop Battleship, a live-action battleship volleyball game, and Jengantic, a 10-foot tall version of Jenga.

Table-top with metal-formed and laser-cut parts.

One person touches another person’s face. All of the touches are recorded by a 3D camera. The result is a sort of map of an intimate encounter.


Modified toys and custom made synthesizers.


Anime and video game demonstration

Fusing ancient hand-finishing techniques and modern laser-cutting technologies, SubSanctuary releases intentional, organic works of wearable, displayable, and functioning artwork in natural wood, stone, and leather.


Check out a recently restored Atlas metal lathe and meet the 2 makers that restored it. See live machining demos too!


Interstacks is a system of snap-together, modular electronic blocks with a visual authoring tool. It enables anyone to rapidly make new connected electronics.


M3bot is ongoing robot design for utility and work, with various attachments, using Robot Operating System.


LED Poi draw beautiful patterns as you spin them around, changing dynamically based on how they move.

How do idea move from your imagination into reality?

We will bring the car and have demonstrations about how different parts of the car work.


I am interested in being a vendor at MakerFaire.


Come experience how drones can be used in situations to help society. Learn about and experiment with programming ground and flight drones in risky and helpful situations with our students

How Platypus robots are built and programed.


Learn what it’s like to be an adorable 12 inch tall robot using the Mimic Immersion Robot. Learn how force feedback works using the Cortex: Robot Arm Controller. Try our Doorbell Phones, feel what the robot feels with our robot arms, and see feel and move as a 12 inch tall root.


Maker Faire attendees can get up close to realistic latex rubber monster masks, puppets, and props and learn how they are made.


Get an insight into the jewelry manufacturing process and see how CAD design and 3D printing is being used to transform this centuries old trade. Also check out the jewelry for sale that was made using various 3D printing technologies.


The visual Arts department will host a gallery exhibition of students works in the CAPA Maker Fair pop up gallery booth.


I see peoples discards as tools of disassembly for artistic redesign and repurpose. I create sculptures with metal and various other elements that can resemble anything from robots, to a moose head wall mount, or a bouquet of flowers.


3D printing can serve many masters. I’ve turned 3D printing into a successful business and happy to help others avoid the pitfalls I’ve found along the way.

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Demonstrations (w/ hands on setups) of tablet weaving and possibly of warp-weighted weaving techniques.


Bring your Lego creations to life…size. This exhibit of large-scale Lego-inspired bricks lets children (and adults!) experience Lego construction in a bigger way. Prototype your creation using Lego bricks, then try to replicate your design using the large-scale bricks. It’s not as easy as it looks but it’s just as fun.


HackPGH is Pittsburgh’s First Maker Space!


Help construct a kinetic sculpture using collected recycled and donated materials into a large, movable group project!!!


Racing souped-up Power Wheels. Our Power Wheel is a camo jeep.

We build an electric vehicle for less than $500 and test our work by racing them!


This exhibit will introduce people of all ages to the brilliant inventor Nikola Tesla in a fun, interactive exhibit. Combining art and technology, people can learn his story while playing with inventions in an immersive experience. Color in Nikola’s legacy in the Tesla coloring book while controlling a musical Tesla Coil and create fluorescent art that glows in the dark.


The University of Pittsburgh’s Manufacturing Assistance Center (MAC) assists makers, manufacturers, and individuals in gaining a competitive advantage in the global economy via the use of advanced manufacturing technology and training. The Institute for Entrepreneurial Excellence (IEE) is Western Pennsylvania’s number one resource for business leaders who are starting, growing or transitioning a business. Through a customized approach of one-on-one consulting, exclusive educational series, and deep connections to the region’s largest association of entrepreneurs, the IEE helps the business leaders of today and tomorrow achieve the Power to Prosper.


It is a Raspberry Pi that has been modified to fit in a specially Laser Cut wooden Laptop case complete with a keyboard and touchscreen.

The WIU Center for Innovation and Creativity in Education will feature a hands-on exhibit designed to give participants an opportunity to interact with some of the most exciting educational tools available. Come join us and play!


With the help of parents, children will make a Mondrian-inspired work of art using color “pixels” obtained from old magazines.

Various interactive product demonstrations and pop-up store!

A collection of blocks containing switches, lights, motors, relays, etc., which can be wired together with alligator-clipped wire (no soldering required) which illustrate basic concepts of electricity


Using modern tools and ancient techniques, silversmith Brandy Sinclair will demonstrate how chains were made thousands of years ago. She will have finished handmade chain jewelry on-hand, along with documentation showing surviving historical examples. She’ll also show how “everything old is new again” by showing the connection between Roman gold and rubber band bracelets.


This is a hand cranked gatling gun capable of firing 144 rubber bands in approximately 8 seconds.


We are giving visitors a taste of the home design process. At our booth you can design and build your own module home. Then we will email you a copy when you’re done!


The ability to 3D print real metal parts is here! 3D Metal Printing is “the final frontier” of 3D printing. Metal is strong, durable, hard… no wonder it’s so desirable as a 3D printing material. See our machine and our 3D Metal Printed parts.


Direct sunlight that enters homes through windows can heat homes, requiring the cooling system to consume more energy, and fade paint, furniture, and wallpaper. However, keeping a window constantly covered defeats the purpose of a window–now you’ve just got extra wall space. This exhibit is an automated system that can open and close window shades at key times during the day, keeping the most acute rays of the sun out but allowing the visibility of an uncovered window when the sunlight is less intense.


Piezoelectric speaker that plays music based on midi input.

What would you do if all communications went down? Learn how you could communicate in times of disaster! Come experience what it’s like to operate an amateur radio station and speak with people from all over the world through radio waves (no infrastructure needed)! The principles you’ll experience here are the beginnings of all forms of wireless communication. Things like phone calls, texts, and Wi-Fi stem from this technology.


Learn about our 3D printing programs at Fab Lab, see our printers in action, and try your hand at three printing with a pen!


CORMUG has been holding free monthly meetups at the Columbus Idea Foundry since 2009. Everyone is welcome to attend whether you own a printer, want to buy a printer, or just want to see what 3D printing is all about.


A blast from the automation past. This 20+ year old CNC engraver was found and repaired to its former glory. Enter the text or logo you wish to engrave and press go! A conglomeration of pneumatics and electronics make this handheld machine really buzz. Grab a piece of material and engraver your name!


Demo of an unusual electronic musical instrument resembling a cross between a concertina and a hurdy gurdy.


Propel Schools, based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, is a not-for-profit federation of charter schools, dedicated to the mission of catalyzing the transformation of public education so that all children have access to high performing public schools. Propel’s Schools allows students to collaborate in a real and relevant way, bringing content to life. STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts and Math) projects and programs will bring a holistic viewpoint to students, preparing them for life. Propel’s STEAM programming partners with local, regional and national experts and corporations, allowing our students access to cutting edge technologies and real-world scenarios.


An outline of how the integration of STEM skills into youth entrepreneurship programs can result in higher program quality, community engagement, and higher program outcomes for youth.

This exhibit will show our modification of MakerBots and Printrbots with custom syringe pump extruders to 3D printing soft and edible materials.


Make your own block print celebrating Pittsburgh and Makers.


The 501st and Rebel Legions are international volunteer organisations that’s purpose is to assist in children’s charities, costuming/cosplay, literacy programs, and Star Wars in general.


BoXZY is a production-ready desktop makerspace that rapidly transforms into 3 kinds of machines: CNC Mill, 3D Printer & Laser Engraver, while enhancing precision & power with ballscrews.


Power Wheels Racing Team.


The Made Right Here Alliance will develop a national network of collegial cities and best-practice sharing in support of the Fourth Industrial Revolution.

The Arustocrats participate in the Power Racing Series, a budget racing series where teams must get creative to build the fastest electric go-kart possible under a $500 limit and conforming to the original size/ridiculousness of a children’s ride on toy.


Repurpose a vintage 8 Track tape cartridge into a funky wallet


Meet PA Virtual Staff while making cool duct tape crafts!

Visitors will launch their own “Dry Ice Rockets”


Children will experience making and racing their very own Brush Bots. Musical sounds will also be created utilizing kitchen utensils and the Makey Makey. Opportunity to view Hummingbird robots that have been created by second grade students based on their environmental field trip.


Handcrafted organic and natural soap, lotion and body butter, etc.


Handmade jewelry made from recycled circuit boards and resin


A model Hit and Miss engine build from castings


Healthy Ride, Pittsburgh’s own bike share system, seeks to change the way you get from here to there. Try one of our 4 Northside stations, or head out on a scavenger hunt through Nova Place. You never know where two wheels can take you.


A presentation on how to design and build an First person view racing drone and course using 3-D printing and basic household items.


Pizza Planet-style power racing series truck


Learn self reliance, do your own science! Build your own low-tech equipment to generate renewable energy, grow and cook your own food, conduct and communicate your own science experiments and more!


Come try your hand at 3D 3 Player chess! A wood project by Maker in Training.


Chartiers Valley teachers and students will demonstrate how they are using drones to document our construction project at the Chartiers Valley Middle School.


AutoSet is a CNC attachment for your miter saw.


Demonstrating what the team has built to compete in the FIRST Robotics program.


A advanced open-source human size robot designed to do a variety of human size tasks for students, educators, hobbyists and researchers.


The Power Racing Series is a competition where kid’s toys are souped up and raced. The Mechs of Hazard have created a jeep that is modeled after Dixie from the Dukes of Hazard.

Vintage Robot designs and hand makes Robot apparel, art work, and jewelry crafted from recycled computers, watchers, and other materials.


Serial converter module for converting Sun keyboard commands to USB commands.

The G treadmill is a Treadmill that makes you float when you put slip-on’s on over your shoes.

RealBotics is an online community allowing makers and inventors the ability to share remote control of their robots and devices with people from around the world.


3R WEAR is an up and coming graphic t-shirt line with photography and artwork created by Joe Gardonis.


What are the components of a ‘Living Makerspace,’ that is, a makerspace that you can live with or living space that you can make things in? This is the subject of an interactive workshop with Architect Paul Rosenblatt, Principal of Springboard Design and Founder of Creator Square, an innovative artisan/maker residency program designed to connect the dots between the region’s manufacturing heritage and contemporary advances in small batch manufacturing and maker space innovation.


Level up from video game player to video game maker! Come play video games designed by Pittsburgh-area youth and submitted to the National STEM Video Game Challenge ( Provide feedback to their makers. Learn about the elements of game design. Complete hands-on, minds-on, physical game design exercises. Start designing your own video game now!


A booth meant to share more information about the Startable Pittsburgh teen summer program and get them excited to apply for the 2017 program. There will be takeaway flyers, a business idea contest with a chance to win a free TechShop class, and on Saturday/Sunday program alumni will be selling work they created.


What does it take to become a maker? How do I start showing my skills? Come talk with a Maker In Training.


Makers will have the opportunity to learn about color, blending of different fibers, spinning, weaving, and dyeing


My Portable Turbine is a 20foot wind turbine attached to the trailer hitch of my Jeep wrangler for off-road power generation.


Jim Leonard will be walking around wearing his LED coats and vests.

K-9, the robot dog.


Project MoNET is interactive art project that creates semi-abstract paintings based on crowd-sourced colors.


I am a maker of jewelry and art, using both fine and base metals, and techniques ranging from hundreds of years old, to very modern.


The Oasis Project is hosting a table for people of all ages to complete LEGO Robotics and coding challenges.

TOP Logo

Vendor application for kits to build paper sculptures


A demonstration of Robotics designed for kids!

Learn how eighth grade students from the Western Pennsylvania School for the Deaf made personalized chess pieces for their school using 3D modeling and printing and reverse engineering. The students will hold a demonstration of Rhinoceros 3D, Makerbot 3D printer and the Next Engine 3D Scanner to show their process.


PittMesh is Pittsburgh’s Community Wireless Network. It is built using mesh networking technology and allows local neighborhoods to provide free public WiFi for their residents, businesses, and visitors. PittMesh is supported by local community leaders and volunteers and is administered by Meta Mesh Wireless Communities, a non-profit organization.

At Draper & Dots, we empower learners by leveraging immersive and engaging projects in music and technology. Have you ever built a record player? Made your own synthesizer? Remixed your car? Come learn about these things and more as we explore music and sound with hands-on activities!


Traditional skills in studio-based garment construction business from fashion sketch to body measurements to paper n’ pencil pattern-making, to muslin sloper to fashion fabric. The entire process from designer’s creation to the finished garment for a specific customer. After you take the person’s measurements then transform them into a paper pattern which you use on the fabric to complete a garment. While making for special abilities clientele you must take additional measurements and keep in mind things like wheelchairs, walkers, head rests, etc when designing.


Learn more about how to become a member of the Remake Learning Network!


See customer creations by local builders and build with our bulk brick!

Create and test a musical instrument to play with others and take it home to enjoy.

​DON’T JUST WATCH VIDEOS. MAKE VIDEOS. Steeltown is hosting an interactive exhibit where participants will choose from a selection of mini scenes to try out one of many offered roles: talent, director, or cinematographer. A Steeltown representative will post the video at a later date for participants to view their completed “mini film.”


Design and create an adhesive sticker to apply onto any surface!


We have a race car for the Power Racing Series.

Collarbone Jewelry is a jewelry line inspired by the raw esthetics of the natural world. We make jewelry using raw stones, mixed metals and trinkets/omens. We will be exhibiting hammering metal into earrings and pendents. We will also be selling our two Jewelry lines, Collarbone Jewelry and CAT LUCK Jewelry.


Part scooter, part bed frame, then add chalk and bike parts. What do you get? Hypocycloids!

We would like to set up a 60 watt laser cutter and demonstrate laser cutting and assembly of laser cut products.


The 6V mini cooper kids toy started it journey in Illinois. It had previously been a child’s trusty vehicle, however the child had outgrown it. It was briefly thought as a lawn ornament before being put on ebay where it fell into the hands of an engineer. It has since been upgraded to 48 volt 1440 watt racing machine. Now it is the trusty side vehicle of a full grown adult who is a child at heart.


We will be displaying cubesat satellite components and testing hardware built by the DetroitSat team,These devices were constructed using tools available at most hackerspaces for a fraction of the cost of their commercial counterparts. Designs will be open-sourced and build instructions made available online so that anyone can build their own attitude-controlled DIY satellite!

Ever sew a robot? Here’s your chance! Make a paper robot shape, decorate, sew and stuff, then choose a name and, voila: You have a new SewBot Friend!


Do you know what an integrative sport is? Join us to BUILD and take home your very own inclusive game kit. DESIGN your own accessible features for a new integrative sport, StoneHenge! PLAY TEST your equipment before taking it home!


uTranslated redefines the translation industry by matching businesses directly with translators knowledgable of the subtle, cultural nuances necessary for international success in an efficient, scalable way.


Action Housing’s Uptown Lofts provides transitional housing and support for young people 18-24 aging out of foster care. The Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh has facilitated a Maker Space there, where residents can sew, screenprint, solder, wood burn, build design, and plan. At Maker Faire, we’re exhibiting some of this work, which is available for purchase!


3D Printing

B2P Sticker

Join us at the Kidsburgh table for paper flower making using recycled magazines and circuitry block fun from the Children’s Innovation Project.


This is a four tap kegerator with an arduino based monitoring system capable of dispensing any carbonated beverage. The kegerator is loaded with seltzer water in order to serve italian sodas at Maker Faire.


A maker selling laser-cut hand finished acrylic and wood jewelry. Colorful and lightweight earrings and necklaces, they are casual with elegant details.


Indoor positioning technology that works in industrial environments and enables improvement of productivity and safety in industrial facilities.

Baltimore Burners has been racing with the Power Racing Series since 2012, fielding many entries in the series that focuses on building and racing an electric vehicle on a shoestring budget.


Live youth-hosted audio webcast from Maker Faire Pittsburgh on Youth Express, our 24/7 Internet radio station featuring original youth writing, music and conversation at


It will be an analog stick programmed to act as if it was a mouse HID with an arduino.


This is a 42 note MIDI street organ capable of being driven any midi controller.


Demonstrating Switcheroo, a simple consumer product that allows people to change which switches in their homes control their existing outlets.

A reverse steering bicycle has been constructed using gears, where turning the handle to the right makes the bicycle go left, and vice-versa.

Electricity demonstration that both adults and kids can participate!

Want to turn your teddy bear into a robot? Don’t know how to code? Our tool allows you to create code and find hardware to design a customized IoT device! Stop by our booth for hands-on experience with hardware and microcontrollers!


Thinking of running a Kickstarter? Come get hands-on feedback to make your Kickstarter a success!


We will allow visitors to recreate existing Pokemon to look the way they want (with a few constraints) and also teach them about animation and making things move using code. We will also teach visitors how to do super simple coding that creates cool outputs that they can see such as math problem and if/else statements.


Abandoned Pittsburgh is an ongoing photography project exploring the industrial past of the Steel City. We research and photograph abandoned churches, steel mills, bridges, foundries, distilleries, and more. Prints and books of the project are available.


Make your own chocolate bar: 3-D CAD to 3-D Printer to Vacuum Former to Chocolate Bar to Yum!


An astrophotography camera.


Allegheny Intermediate Unit operates transformED, a space for learning about making, creativity, and technology for use in the classroom at their Central Office in Homestead PA. Additionally, in partnership with the Montour School District, transformED West is now in operation, offering choice for educators in Allegheny County.


YouTube superhero using the “maker” mentality to build real life technology that Batman would use through combining 3D printing, laser / waterjet cutting, mechanical design, and electronic circuitry. I have over 353K subscribers and a collective 38Million views. My inspiration comes from movies, comics, and video games. I inspire others by bringing their favorite sci-fi gadgets to life.


Blacksmithing demo, member demonstrations,


This is an area for us to work on out go kart during and in between the races.

Full Throttle Racing

Power Racing Team. This team is entering their second year of racing silly sub $500 electric cars. This car is built from a children’s ride on toy, spare parts and dreams.


Handmade bowties from repurposed materials.


Our exhibit will feature a crowd created masterpiece done by catapult. We’ll also have the opportunity for kids to create their very own animals using basic sewing skills.


Homemade/DIY mechanical and electrical demonstrations.


Come explore a variety of maker projects designed by the second grade students at South Fayette Elementary School! At this exhibit, South Fayette’s Second Grade STEAM Team will guide you through the creation of Lego Spin Art, squishy circuitry, and a life-sized, programmable version of the classic game, Operation!


PrintSpace 3D™ manufactures high-performance 3D printers and develops custom 3D printing applications utilizing advanced materials. Known for sleek design, large print volume, and 25+ materials selection, PrintSpace 3D printers are especially geared towards engineers and professionals and are used by National Laboratories and Universities across the country.


Geodesic Dome model kits


A mixed-reality system that bridges the advantages of physical and virtual worlds to improve children’s science and inquiry learning in a more enjoyable and collaborative way. It provides personalized interactive feedback to children and families as they experiment and make discoveries in their everyday physical environment.


Falk School students design and create musical instruments and show you how to make your own.

Frost Finery is proud to exhibit laser cut and hand-crafted jewelry and home goods.

These are gear clocks cut on the HackPGH CNC machine. They are powered by either an electromagnetically driven pendulum or a stepper motor.

How to power WiFi networks with solar energy.


A Restored 95 year old 1 1/2 HP Hercules Engine


No soldering needed to create your own Space Ship shaped LED keychain. Come learn how a battery and LED circuit works and take your creation home!

Lapidary Brian Hagan will demonstrate how rough stones are transformed into sparkling gems in a live stonecutting demonstration. You can also see gemstones in various cutting stages, and a time-lapse video showing the process from start to finish.


A team of student makers in grades 6-8 will display various items, from self-made guitars to Rube Goldberg machines.


We are showing off our Raspberry Pi Cluster computer.


Define your style with handmade designs to accentuate both you and your home. Follow these designs on Etsy and on instagram @gardenia_and_grit


The Steel City robotics alliance is a collection of teams in the greater Pittsburgh Area. Our exhibit will include several different teams, with driving experiences for younger children.

Our students grow hydroponic leaf lettuce and Tilapia as part of their integrated K-8 STEM curricula and high school vocational agricultural program. Since they are creating a system that can produce 110 pounds of fish per year and 17-27 pounds of leafy greens per week, they want to be environmentally responsible by growing their greens from seed and breeding their Tilapia through quality selection. The self-sustaining possibilities of aquaponics will create learning opportunities for children to see food from farm to table. Students will learn to reinvent agriculture in order to produce food that is sustainable and highly productive. They use the serial camera with the Arduino Mega Boards to engineer and create a live-stream video monitoring system for their fish. They program the camera to monitor their fish and provide a live-steam on the District’s YouTube Channel so they can check the condition of their fish anytime, anywhere with an Internet connection. This real-world application with technology, biology, and agriculture creates a truly hands-on learning experience while supporting the growing need for local produce.


We will share the advent of CAD Design and rapid model making to inspire kids and adults that they can make anything they want.

2016-04-28 09.52.27-2

a collection of pretty things for yourself or those you love. stationary, bags, and notebooks.


Learn how to create a unique circular weaving using chunky yarn, wool roving, and an embroidery hoop.


Custom home made Tube amplifier and custom built speaker cabinets


The Brain Dress was a collaboration between Marlene Behrmann Cohen and Sophie Hood. We created a custom dress for Marlene’s induction into the National Academy of Science this past month. The Brain Dress featured custom print fabric, a fully original design, a custom made and fit dress with integrated LEDs that light up in response to sound via a microphone and Arduino Lilypad micro controller. The predecessor of The Brain Dress was the “Bag Creature” which was a part of Sophie’s masters thesis in costume production. The Bag Creature features similar technology to the Brain Dress and represents an exploration of costume, wearable technology, and performance art.


Turtle Mail, AE Dreams’ first product, is a wooden mailbox for kids. It contains an embedded thermal printer and is WiFi-connected. Family and friends can send the children they love special messages from a mobile or desktop device. Parents can also sign their children up for developmentally appropriate activities and content, delivered daily from Turtle Mail.


Wood sunglasses, phone cases, speakers, journals, mousepads


Wood and metal furniture and décor pieces designed for the bar and home.


Vendor setup to sell art and housewares (clocks, tables, jewelry) made primarily from used and or found objects.


Dorseyville Middle School will showcase: Project Based Learning activities that have been completed by students in grades 6-8. Student designed Apps created in App Lab from will also be showcased Attendees will be able to make and take an LED flashlight.

This is one team also competing in the power racing series


Oribotix is the combination of origami art and robotics. Our exhibit will demonstrate a few DIY Oribotix creations. All of the origami are original works of art by Ethan Priore (age 10), and the robotics are comprised of Arduino-based microcontrollers and simple servo motors and sensors.


Come and hear what Pittsburgh Public School Middle school students have to say about police brutality, racism, and their experience. Make your own pin that speaks about social issues you care about with your own Wearable Circuit.


Clay sculpting with ordinary items and stone molding.


Hanover Designs makes jewelry and accessories with industrial yet modern flair. Each hand-crafted piece we make combines the strength of concrete with a touch of luxury.


Custom CNC Controller and retrofitted CNC mill


Nature themed artwork includes realistic color pencil illustrations of animals and plants, and decorative items made with found bones and dried plant material.

Wright Lindsay-Booth

Adults and children can watch virtual reality and LED light shows designed for songs they like, and even create their own shows!

A Raspberry Pi based clock with time and temperature display.


CMR’s entry into the 2016 Formula SAE Electric event.