Maker Spotlight: Pittsburgh Center for Creative Reuse

Take the Creative Reuse Challenge at the Faire, where materials are chosen by chance! Put your maker skills to the test… Spin the three wheels to choose what materials you’ll get to use. To learn more, visit

Maker Spotlight: XOGO (formerly Haxbox)

Xogo (formerly Haxbox) is the first universal gaming adapter that lets anyone play console games on an equal footing with friends and family using accessible controllers. It allows people with physical disabilities to play alongside abled friends and socialize on a level playing field.  Learn more at  Bansen Labs

Maker Spotlight: PieceMaker

PieceMaker is an automated systems for creating personalized products on-demand. Toys, accessories, jewelry – your item can be printed right before your eyes.  See it in action at the Faire!  Learn more at

Maker Spotlight: SHARP Robotics Team

Sarah Heinz House will highlight some of their awesome kid programs through allowing Maker Faire attendees to play with team-built robots in the FIRST game of 2015 “Recycle Rush.” MakerFaire attendees will be able to experience the thrill of FIRST robotics hands-on! Visit to learn more.