Maker Spotlight: PieceMaker

PieceMaker is an automated systems for creating personalized products on-demand. Toys, accessories, jewelry – your item can be printed right before your eyes.  See it in action at the Faire!  Learn more at

Maker Spotlight: SHARP Robotics Team

Sarah Heinz House will highlight some of their awesome kid programs through allowing Maker Faire attendees to play with team-built robots in the FIRST game of 2015 “Recycle Rush.” MakerFaire attendees will be able to experience the thrill of FIRST robotics hands-on! Visit to learn more.

Meet Chatham University at the Faire

Chatham University is excited to sponsor, present, host a workshop and have an expo booth at Maker Faire Pittsburgh! Rebecca Harris, Director of the Chatham’s Center for Women’s Entrepreneurship, will be talking about how to monetize your making, while the Falk School for Sustainability will demonstrate examples of making around food, ecology and energy themes.

While Chatham continues its historic dedication to supporting entrepreneurs, we are also building a 388-acre sustainable campus in Gibsonia, just 18 miles north of the main campus. Using the latest in environmentally responsible technology, design and innovation, Chatham University’s Eden Hall Campus will be self-sustaining in every way by emitting zero carbon emissions, managing all storm and wastewater on-site, growing its own food and producing more energy than it consumes. The 200 acres of woodlands on campus also provides opportunities for recreation, education, restoration and research work. The whole campus is truly a “living laboratory” where Chatham students, K-12 students and the greater community alike can come together to learn from the land and the buildings.

Chatham excitedly joined the Maker Faire to provide support to entrepreneurial makers looking to turn their making into a business and to spark conversations around the potential for making at Eden Hall. We also look forward to joining conversations around making with material reuse and love asking questions that make you think: Why are you making what you are making? How does your making support your community? What materials are you using in your making and what are the implications of those materials?

See you at the Maker Faire! We’ll have a DIY solar cooker at our main booth and you can stop by the Education Tent for our workshop on how to make a low cost microscope for your classroom using material reuse.

Maker Spotlight: Concrete Casting with Pop Craft

Pop Craft is about inspiring people to learn new things and take up new hobbies through hands-on maker workshops in relaxed atmospheres such as local bars and parties. Meet them at the Faire! For more on Pop Craft, visit