8 Days until Pittsburgh Maker Faire

Today’s Featured Maker:
Jet Townsend
open source digifab demo

Jet will bring a hacked/modified MakerBot Cupcake (open source 3d printer) and Lasersaur (open source laser cutter) and demonstrate onsite digital fabrication. He will be printing and cutting/etching items to be given away as part of this demo.
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9 Days until Pittsburgh Maker Faire

Today’s Featured Maker:
The Girls of Steel

The Girls of Steel is an all-girl high school robotics team with facilities and mentors based at the Carnegie Mellon Field Robotics Center. Starting its second year in the international FIRST Robotics Competition, the Girls of Steel hope to share their knowledge and opportunities with girls and boys alike and demonstrate their robots Crush, a 100+-pound robot, and Squirt, a minibot.
Visit The Girls of Steel website.
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Girls of Steel

10 Days until Pittsburgh Maker Faire

This project comes with a great impact both in size and sound:

Today’s Featured Maker:
Dana Dolfi
The Great American Horn Machine
The Great American Horn Machine is a mobile operational collection of steam whistles and Ship and Train air horns.

The Great American Horn Machine

11 Days until Pittsburgh Maker Faire

Here’s one more of the amazing, inventive, inspiring makers who you can meet at the Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire:

Today’s Featured Maker:
Rita Shewbridge
Sonic Threads
Sonic Threads is a dress that tells children’s fairy tale stories through audio when you touch its embroidered threads. Learn more at http://shewbe.net/portfolio/wearable-computing. See all of the makers on the Maker tab above.

12 Days Until Pittsburgh Maker Faire!

So we’re featuring one maker each day until the big day is here – consider it the 12 Days of Maker Faire.

Today’s Featured Maker:
Jesse Hemminger
Sauerkraut Powered Robots

See what comes of a few dinner parties, fermented cabbage and a desire for transformation.  These wee robots are powered by a chemical reaction between copper and zinc electrodes placed in a jar of sauerkraut.   Learn more at http://jessehemminger.blogspot.com/

Pittsburgh is hosting our FIRST Mini Maker Faire!

Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire is a family fun festival featuring do-it-yourself robots, mobiles, instruments, electronics, 3D printing, soldering, wool spinning, Christmas lights, alternative energy and much more.  The Faire celebrates the best of DIY creativity through demonstrations, performances and hands-on workshops by over 70 makers. YOU will make, create, learn, invent, craft, recycle, build, think, play and be inspired!  This is the first Mini Maker Faire hosted in the region and is a co-presentation of the Children’s Museum of Pittsburgh and HackPittsburgh.

We have selected our makers!

More than 70 inventive, creative makers and maker organizations will present, demo, perform and teach at Pittsburgh Mini Maker Faire.  Makers include:

  • Hack Pittsburgh
  • Deeplocal
  • Spare Room Workshop
  • Girls of Steel/FIRST Robotics Team 3504
  • The Traveling Pittsburgh Craft-O-Tron
  • Artist Ryder Henry

Click here to see the full list.

For more about Maker Faires and Pittsburgh Maker Faire, check out the About page.